Online first

Since our launch we have published articles online-first, before 'pushing' them into thematic issues.

  1. Patrick Allo, 'The Interpretability Problem and the Critique of Abstraction(s)' (reply by Sandra Wachter)
  2. James Grimmelmann, 'The Structure and Legal Interpretation of Computer Programs' (reply by Marieke Huisman)
  3. Mazviita Chirimuuta, 'Rules, judgment and mechanisation' (reply by William Lucy)
  4. Simon Deakin and Christopher Markou, 'Evolutionary Interpretation: Law and Machine Learning' (reply by Masha Medvedeva)
  5. Sylvie Delacroix, 'Diachronic interpretability and machine learning systems' (reply by Zachary C. Lipton)
  6. Elena Esposito, 'Transparency versus explanation: The role of ambiguity in legal AI' (reply by Federico Cabitza)
  7. Emilie van den Hoven, 'Hermeneutical injustice and the computational turn in law' (reply by Ben Green)
  8. Laurence Diver, 'Computational legalism and the affordance of delay in law' (reply by Ewa Luger)
  9. Reuben Binns, 'Analogies and Disanalogies Between Machine-Driven and Human-Driven Legal Judgement' (reply by Emily M. Bender)
  10. Mireille Hildebrandt, 'The adaptive nature of text-driven law' (reply by Michael Rovatsos)
  11. Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem, 'Legal Technology/Computational Law: Preconditions, opportunities and risks' (reply by Virgina Dignum)