Analogies and Disanalogies Between Machine-Driven and Human-Driven Legal Judgement


  • Reuben Binns


Algorithmic decision-making, normativity, rule of law, discretion, feedback loops


Are there certain desirable properties from text-driven law, which have parallels in data-driven law? As a preliminary exercise, this article explores a range of analogies and disanalogies between text-driven normativity and its data-driven counterparts. Ultimately, the conclusion is that the analogies are weaker than the disanalogies. But the hope is that, in the process of drawing them, we learn something more about the comparison between text and data-driven normativities and the (im?)possibility of data-driven law.

Reply by Emily M. Bender, Professor of Computational Linguistics, University of Washington.



10 December 2020
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Binns, Reuben. 2020. “Analogies and Disanalogies Between Machine-Driven and Human-Driven Legal Judgement”. Journal of Cross-Disciplinary Research in Computational Law 1 (1).