Legal Technology/Computational Law

Preconditions, Opportunities and Risks

  • Wolfgang Hoffmann-Riem Bucerius Law School
Keywords: Digitalisation, social and technical constructs, impact of non-textual factors, automated administrative decisions, automated sanctioning


Although computers and digital technologies have existed for many decades, their capabilities today have changed dramatically. Current buzzwords like Big Data, artificial intelligence, robotics, and blockchain are shorthand for further leaps in development. The digitalisation of communication, which is a disruptive innovation, and the associated digital transformation of the economy, culture, politics, and public and private communication – indeed, probably of virtually every area of life – will cause dramatic social change. It is essential to prepare for the fact that digitalisation will also have a growing impact on the legal system.

Reply by Virginia Dignum, Professor at the Department of Computing Science, Umeå University.

Author Biography

Affiliate Professor, Bucerius Law School, Hamburg
Former Justice of the German Constitutional Court in Karlsruhe

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